Biking & Cycling

Tug Hill Plateau to the rolling farmlands of the Black River Valley

This mainly rural area offers an extensive array of biking trip options.

Cycling or biking is the use of the bicycle, unicycle, tricycles, quadracycles, or other wheeled human-powered vehicles (HPV's) for the purpose of getting around, as a form of racing or recreation. Biking can either be done on roads or paths, across open country, and even snow and ice. The Adirondacks have many trials that can serve many purposes such as biking. Wether you want to go for a long ride or a short ride, the Adirondacks tughill area has a trail for you.

Bicycles were first introduced in the 19th centry, and now total about one billion worldwide. Compared to motorized vehicals, bicycles offer a quiet ride, no air polution and exercise. Bicycles are also alot less destructive then motorized vehiclas, granting them more trails to use.

Biking is a great way to get out and enjoy nature. Some individual do it purely for exercise, others do it for because they just like to. Either way its a great way to get out with nature. You can ride on the roads, or maybe a nice quiet trail be more enjoyable for you? In the Adirondack Tughill region, there are many many trails that can be used for biking.

Safety First.

Wear a helmet whether your going mountain biking or biking on the road. Please focus on a safe and pleasent ride.

A few off road examples include.
Otter Creek State Forest

Lewis County Bikeways Map (pdf) - Bicycling the Scenic Byways of the Adirondack North Country Region

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