Beaver River Canoe Route
Enjoy the challenge of Brookfield Power's Beaver River Canoe Route - a venture down one of the finest waterways the Western Adirondacks has to offer.

Basic paddling and camping skills are required to make this 14-mile passage from Moshier put-in to High Falls take-out which includes six overland portages totaling slightly more than two miles. Some of the portages are partly uphill and over uneven ground, so participants should be in good physical condition and wear appropriate clothing for this environment.

The Beaver River is easy to paddle (no major rapids or whitewater), as it is essentially flatwater along the entire course. Brookfield Power's Beaver River Canoe Route begins just below the MoshierPowerhouse and continues downstream through tile High Falls Pond. Paddlers can enter the river at any one of the marked canoe access sites located along the route. Passage through the eutire route normally takes about 1-2 days at a relaxed pace, with an overnight stay at a riverside campsite (formal or primitive) at Soft Maple Reservoir. And for paddlers interested in extending their passage beyond this route, Brookfield Power has provided additional portages at Moshier and High Falls.

This page includes a map and other information for the trip. The route is well marked with signs to point the way. Please respect private property.

Paddling Pristine Waters

Paddlers embark on their trip at the Moshier Hydroelectric Station (see map on back side & follow the Brookfield Power Beaver River Canoe signs on Number Four Road), where launch and parking facilities have been developed in conjunction with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. All visitors are asked to sign-in at the Register at the Moshier launch site. The carry from the parking area goes over a footbridge spanning Sunday Creek and follows a level, 1/4 mile trail to a launch on the shoreline below the powerhouse. Follow the signs.

Safety Reminder: Canoeists must wear life jackets or other personal flotation devices.

Upon launching, paddlers head west to the upper reaches of Beaver Lake. The route then runs for about two miles, crossing the lake and continuing down river to Eagle Pond and the first portage. Canoeists may encounter a short, easily navigated riffie between Beaver Lake and Eagle Pond, depending on river flow and pond levels. A sign on the south shore of Eagle Pond marks the landing for the portage. It's one of the lougest carries and extends about 3/4 mile from Eagle Dam to a launch just below Eagle Powerhouse on the upper Soft Maple Reservoir. The portage starts with a moderate uphill climb near the dam, and then follows a gravel access road (caution watch for vehicular traffic) down a long incline next to the pipeline. Just keep following the signs to the put-in below the powerhotlse. One canoe rest point is provided along the way.

Beaver River White Water Release

Overnight Camping

Primitive camping sites are located on the islands as you venture downstream. About I 1/2 miles from the upper Soft Maple Reservoir launch, canoeists will find Soft Maple Campground (fee required). This area provides formal sites and restroom/shower facilities, as well as additional infonnal sites for pitching tents. (Soft Maple Campground Phone No. (315) 346-1756)

The next leg of the route is a 1 3/4 mile paddle that takes canoeists down a channel- currents can be slightly swifter here - to lower Soft Maple Reservoir. A sign on the southwestern shoreline marks the takeout for the second portage. The trail rises steeply at first and leads 220 yards to the road, follows the road and then twists 210 yards steeply downhill to the portage launch on the upstream end of Effiey Pond. Paddlers then cross the pond - a 2 1/2 mile passage - to the north side of Effiey Dam. Awaiting them there is a 260 yard carry down an incline to a launch at Elmer Pond.

After only a 1/4 mile paddle on Elmer Pond, canoeists take-out for portage around the Elmer Dam. This l30-yard carry extends from the north shoreline upstTeam from the dam down an incline to a put-in on Taylorville Pond opposite Eitner Powerhouse. The Taylorville leg extends 1 1/2 miles to a landing and take-out on the northwest shore of the Taylorville Pond. A sign on the far right side of the intake marks the landing point. Stop here for a rest and a walk around the Taylorville recreation area before continuing downstream. The portage extends about 0.8 mile, and is relatively flat as it follows the access road (caution - watch (or vehicular traffic) down to the Taylorville Powerhouse. Two caooe rest points are provided along this portage. Follow the signs to the put-in located immediately downstream of the powerhouse.

Paddlers enter the Belfort Pond for a short 1/4 mile stretch taking out on the southwest shoreline near the fishing deck. The 300 yard portage crosses the road (caution - watch for vehicular traffic) and traverses down a very steep hillside before leveling out to the put-in.

Enjoy the final leg of tile journey by canoeing tile remaining 2 miles of High Falls Pond and relaxing with an overnight stay at one of the informal island campsites. Paddlers may conclude passage of Brookfield Power's Beaver River Canoe Route by taking out at the car-top boat launch on the northwest shoreline near Old State Road. For your convenience, canoe route parking areas are provided at Moshier, Eagle, Soft Maple, Effiey, Taylorville, and Belfort. Canoe route parking is also provided at High Falls off of Old State Road.

Other Canoe Options

For paddlers interested in extending their trip beyond the designated route, Brookfield Power has also provided additional canoe portages extending upstream at Moshier and downstream at High Falls. Canoeists can enter the Beaver River just below Stillwater Dam at a NYSDEC launch, paddle downstream to Moshier Dam and take-out at the canoe landing area on the southwest shoreline. Awaiting them is a 2-mile portage, but it is a relatively easy carry that descends gradually till reaching the Moshier launch. Just follow the signs. Canoeists also have the option of continuing further downstream of Brookfield Power's Beaver River Canoe Route. A portage route is located on the west shoreline just north of High Falls Dam. This carry is 350 yards down a steep hillside before the put-in opposite the powerhouse. From this point, paddlers can continue traveling downstream to the Village of Croghan.

Beaver River Canoe Route (pdf)

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